City as Text: Religion in Providence

One of the highlights of any Honors conference is City as Text, which encourages structured explorations of environments and ecosystems. Grouped in small teams of students and faculty, the conference’s host city serves as a laboratory of sorts, through which students explore contested areas and issues in urban environments, or competing forces in natural ones.  Armed with this morning’s lecture, maps, and a series of reflection questions to consider during today’s excursions, students set out on a day filled with experiential learning, making new friends, and orienting themselves to our home for the next several days.

With so many themes to choose from, Fabiola selected “Religion.”  This morning, students learned how Roger Williams founded Providence after fleeing religious persecution in Massachusetts. This City as Text exploration highlights some of the beautiful historic religious landmarks in the city: The First Baptist ChurchAll Saints Memorial ChurchCathedral of Saints Peter and PaulThe Gothic First Universalist ChurchBeneficient Congregational ChurchGrace ChurchFirst Unitarian Church, and St. Stephen’s Church.  

“I am currently following the Religion path throughout churches around Providence,” Fabiola just texted Dr. Bass, checking in dutifully and offering a quick snapshot.  “I just visited the first Baptist Church founded in America. The diversity and architecture of this city is amazing!”



One thought on “City as Text: Religion in Providence

  1. The City as Text experience is amazing. Grateful to Dr. Bass and the CNR Honors Program that I was able to experience City as Text as a faculty member at the National Collegiate Honors Council Faculty Institute — in New Orleans, two years post-Katrina, to boot!


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