We Have Arrived!

The College of New Rochelle has arrived!  Three students and Dr. Bass have made the dash up Route 95 North to Providence, Rhode Island, to make CNR proud and mix and mingle with hundreds of Honors students and faculty from all over the Northeast!

First up, GAME NIGHT!  This student mixer will break the ice, allowing students from different schools to get to know each other a bit before embarking on the full weekend.  But everyone needs to head to bed early because tomorrow — Friday — is packed, beginning with….CITY AS TEXT!  There are so many amazing things to explore here in Providence, like the Waterfront and College Hill, Federal Hill and DownCity. Which one to pick?

Tomorrow evening is the student art show, featuring CNR’s very own Fabiola and Stephanie!  And then the banquet followed by an Open Mic Night!  It’ll be  really full day.

So…who are we?

Fabiola finished her psychology degree in December, and is now taking graduate courses while finishing her Honors Diploma.  A rock star student-athlete, Fabiola helped lead the Blue Angels volleyball team to another championship season.  An alum of the prestigious Williams-Mystic Program, Fabiola comes from San Juan, Puerto Rico and is thrilled to be at her first NRHC conference.  She will display an art piece, “Mankey,” on Friday night and present her research, “In the Game:  The Impact of College Athletics on Coping Behavior,” on a panel entitled “Relationships.”

Barrett came to CNR from Maine, and is happy to be hanging in New England again.  Also an alum of Williams-Mystic, Barrett is spending her senior year at CNR finishing her media arts degree and Honors diploma.  A proud member of the Honors Living & Learning Center, she will present her research, “When the Wind Blows:  The Movement of Sediment in Storms,” at Sunday’s poster session.

A sophomore, Stephanie is a proud graduate of New Rochelle High School.  A double major in Spanish and Studio Art, Stephanie will present her piece “Las Dos Stephanies,” at Friday night’s student art show.

Following the blog throughout the weekend for more updates, and don’t forget to check out CNR’s Instagram account, where Honors has TAKEN OVER!



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