She Did It!

Okay, this post is from Dr. Bass because she is bursting over how well Fabiola just did on her panel:

Oh, Fabiola — you ROCKED your panel. The depth of your research, your brilliant analysis, and the sensitivity with which you answered all of those questions (to the point where someone apologized that you were getting all the questions!) I am so proud of you. You just exemplified Honors — interdisciplinary primary research accompanied by serious analysis and good writing. With a huge shout out to your mentor for this project, Dr. Anne Ferrari, and to Barrett and Stephanie who helped calm your nerves and became your professional photographer. You knocked it out of the park.


5 thoughts on “She Did It!

  1. Rebecca L

    Congratulations, Fabiola! Is this based on the proposal you began in Junior Seminar? How exciting to see it come to completion and receive such a positive response!


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